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Texas Sandhill Crane birds and decoys

Our name is Texas Crane Hunters because that what we do.  We are not concentrating on whitetail deer or ferrel hog hunts and just throw in Sandhill Crane hunts on the side.  Texas Sandhill Crane hunting is our true passion. If you are a hunter that appreciates experienced guides, and the world’s finest completely life-like decoys then you will love this group as we go after the crane bird.  Plus years of knowledge and experience with plentiful flocks will lead to an amazing Sandhill Crane hunting retreat. Putting you in a good hunting blind in the right flight path, is what we will absolutely do to make sure you take home your limit of “ribeye of the sky”.  

Sandhill Cranes

Sandhill cranes feeding on Texas winter wheat

Sandhill Cranes are amazing specie of migratory bird to hunt in the rolling hills, wheat fields, grasslands and plains of the Texas outdoors.  And with our experienced guides, you’ll see plenty. Be sure to bring your valid hunting license and your crane hunting permit that you will get from Texas Parks and Wildlife and we’ll provide the experience and fun of a fantastic Sandhill Crane hunt in Texas. 

Knowledgeable Guides

crane bird

Our guides are passionate about putting you on the birds in the central area of Texas.  They’ve hunted all types of waterfowl and migratory species for years.  So, the Texas Crane Hunter personnel know how to track and pattern the flight paths and migration routes of Sandhill cranes.  Additionally, they will  position the hunters to optimize your success rate. They are talented at setting a stand of decoys and providing the proper blinds and cover to make your hunt an unforgettable adventure.   

Hunt Locations

incoming flock Sandhill cranes Texas Crane Hunters

Texas Crane Hunters has made agreements and leases with landowners all over the Abilene region of Texas. So we have put together a massive network of prime hunting locations. To say we do a lot of scouting is a bold understatement.  We have boots on the ground every day and we communicate with our men in the field every day to pattern the flight paths so when you arrive you will be confident that we have used every asset at our disposal to put you on the cranes.  

When You Are Here

Hunting Trip pictures for Sandhill Crane Hunters

Most hunting parties consist of 2 to 4 of your fellow sandhill crane hunting fanatics who really want to have an experience like none other.  We'll make it a weekend to remember. Each hunter can harvest 3 prize sandhill cranes and have 6 in possession to take back home. 

Picture of the week

ribeye in the sky Sandhill Crane

We feature fun pics from recent adventures that may or may not include a Sandhill Crane or a hunter here.  

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